Agile Project Management Platform

EyeAgile platform lets your software delivery team achieve unprecedented productivity benefits by providing an unified console for various software management needs. EyeAgile brings real-time project intelligence thereby enabling multi-site team collaboration

Integrated yet Differentiated

Idea management

Record & manage your requirements over an intuitive interface. Organize requirements in custom hierarchy with arbitrary depth. Organize all your project documentation with in-doc search capabilities


Agile enablement

Leverage the Scrum methodology to effectively manage your project implementation. Simplify product planning & tracking of releases, iterations and backlogs via coherent & intuitive interface


Project management

Plan & track the project progress and team allocation. Organize tasks, assign resources and track team and timelines. Ease your effort and cost tracking by leveraging integrated timesheets


Quality management

Remain in control of your software processes & implementation by all-integrated test framework. Manage test cycles, requirement traceability, bugs, test cases and test suites


Email interfacing

Leverage the ubiquitous & simple email interface to manage your requirements, bugs, attachments/documents, tasks. Use the email convenience to your benefit without needing to log into solution


Actionable meetings

Organize and ease your distributed team work by creating actionable meetings. Establish accountability with individuals by setting clear action items and be benefited by in-built follow up capabilities


Visual project management

Leverage the visual Gantt representation to quickly get hold on project and organize project priorities. Be benefited by customizable interfaces, dashboard and custom report builder


In-document text search

Use platform to organize/dump all your documentation. Leverage the benefits of having indexed documents enabling the in-document search via simple search interface


One stop solution for fully customized and in-house integrated Agile implementation

EyeAgile offers an unique opportunity to integrate all your in-house solutions and customize platform to your choice. We propose to perform all integrations & customization one-time FREE at our cost

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